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9 June 2018
A pre-World Cup update that features very little World Cup action aside from Rinat Dasayev's appearances in three finals between 1982 and 1990! Dasayev is the latest goalkeeper to be added to the Goalkeeping Greats section of the website but there's also some more goalscoring goalkeepers, a couple of Liverpool outfield players that unexpectedly found themselves donning the goalkeeper's jersey and some goalkeeping debuts of the bad and quirk variety. The latter includes the unfortunate Kilmarnock goalkeeper who scored an own goal when the ball ricocheted off a post and rebounded off his face and into the back of the net...

Goalkeeping Greats, Goalkeeping Debuts, Goalscoring Goalkeepers, Emergency Measures

30 May 2018
The Uruguayan team that were left red-faced when they turned up for a game without the correct goalkeeper shirt and had to borrow one from a fan is arguably the highlight of the latest update but there's plenty more to get your teeth into. There's also the Rangers legend who had to go in goal during a Scottish FA Cup Final, the Ivory Coast international who knocked himself out after colliding with his goalpost and the England international who missed six months of action after he ended up in hospital following a game of tennis against his brother. There's also some more goalscoring goalkeepers, a Homer Simpson goalkeeper jersey and the Bayern Munich defender who kept a clean sheet.

Getting Shirty, Quirk Injuries, Goalscoring Goalkeepers, Emergency Measures

12 May 2018
A cheeky almost end of season update featuring some an unfortunate debuts, a couple of quirky middle names and the Scottish goalkeeper who found himself in court after trying to break up a fight during a Charity Cup game. There's also the former Liverpool goalkeeper who decided to quit the professional game and join the police force rather than spend another week with Southend United plus a feww goalkeeper-related quotes, including a couple from David James.

Goalkeeping Debuts, Getting Personal, I Fought the Law, Words of Wisdom

28 April 2018
Willy Gueret's exploits in Cognac production is just one of the Quirky Facts covered in this month's update alongside the rock legend that was/is Germán Burgos and an oversight in the list of goalkeepers namechecked by Half Man Half Biscuit, who may provide more material with their new album that is released in May. While we wait for it to come out, why not indulge in some more goalscoring goalkeeper anecdotes, another goalkeeping debut to forget and a couple of goalkeepers who also turned their hand - or should that be feet - to outfield positions.

Quirky Facts, Goalkeeping Debuts, Goalscoring Goalkeepers, Emergency Measures

24 March 2018
A long-overdue update for March arrives in the middle of the international break and includes a couple of inauspicious debuts from Dutch goalkeepers, some sporting masters, the goalkeeping connection with The Cockney Rejects, and the Moldova international goalkeeper who attempted to win an election but was thwarted by his party's failure to follow the rules. There's also a handful of outfield players who went in goal as an emergency measure including Dani Alves' late effort for PSG and Jackie Blanchflower's FA Cup final heroics against Aston Villa back in 1957.

Quirky Facts, Goalkeeping Debuts, Politically Speaking, Emergency Measures

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Goalkeepersaredifferent.com came to life in the summer of 1999. A treasure trove of goalkeeper facts, trivia and a whole lot more, it has kept football fans and goalkeepers alike amused and entertained with its collection of goalie titbits ever since. But don't just take our word for it...

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Words of Wisdom
  • "It's disappointing to be dropped from any team - even my mates' fantasy league team"
    Robert Green
  • "I dreamt of playing for a club like Manchester United, and now here I am at Liverpool"
    Sander Westerveld
  • "He had no chance of beating Schmeichel from there, but it was always worth a try"
    Alan Parry
  • "If you're a goalkeeper, it doesn't matter what you save the ball with - if you keep it out, it's not a goal"
    Mark Lawrenson
  • "Goalkeepers aren't born today until they're in their late twenties or thirties"
    Kevin Keegan
  • "And Seaman, just like a falling oak, manages to change direction"
    John Motson
  • "It was like deja vu all over again"
    Shaka Hislop
  • "I still don't buy the idea that I'm a sex symbol"
    Hope Solo
  • "Peter Schmeichel will be like a father figure to Kasper Schmeichel"
    Jamie Redknapp
  • "Casper Ankegren's a bit of a Dracula-type keeper... doesn't like crosses"
    Andy Ritchie

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